Gasser Class – A/GAS – Unisex T-Shirt


Do you know your A/GAS from your C/GS?

Back in the golden era of drag racing, cars were split up into racing classes based on the total weight of the car divided by the engine displacement.

For example, an un-supercharged car weighing 5 to 8.99 lbs per cubic inch would have been classed as A/GAS (in 1962, at least – the rules changed as time went on).

This meant it wasn’t uncommon to see a stripped out, relatively light-weight car with a bog-standard Small block racing against a heavy old, full-bodied beast, full of interior and trim, but with a more powerful big-block… Let’s just say it made for some interesting racing indeed!

Available in White, Black or Red.

A/Gas: Non-supercharged 0-8.99lb per Cu/in (up to 1965)



Unisex T-Shirt Spec ( Continental Clothing: EP01 Classic Jersey Unisex T-Shirt)

  • 100% Combed Organic Cotton
  • Jersey 4oz/ 155g

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