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It all started with a cardboard box and a little lad called Walter…

Walt’s Speedshop was born from a cardboard box garage I quickly put together for my son while we were playing cars one day, and the name’s  been on my mind ever since.

I’ve been into Hot Rods and Kustom cars for as long as I can remember, and as a graphic designer (which I think you’ll agree, really shows in the hand crafted typography in the garage signage above!) I have a real appreciation for all the bold colours and striking imagery in the signwriting and logos of the past.

All designs and illustrations are my own and I’m always adding new stuff to the site and my Instagram account, so give it a follow!

If you like what you see, but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch – I’m more than happy to put together custom orders and I regularly undertake commission work.


Well, here it is… My pride and joy —  A 1960 Humber Hawk, (Series 1a). With the original 2.3 litre 4‐banger under the hood, 4 speed manual column change. (Though I do have a Rover V8 and BW autobox to go in when the time comes.)

I’ve had it for hhhmmmmrfgh hhhmrrmgh years now (yeah – you heard that correctly!) working on it as and when I get the time (which really isn’t that often).

The plan is to go for the mild kustom look, subtly lowered, shaved handles & badges, and some Watson‐style scallops. But that’s all got to wait until after the considerable rust‐repair work, which I’m most of the way through, I’m happy to report.

I’ve got a build thread over on the HAMB, mainly so I can track my progress — but I’ve received a lot of encouraging comments as a result, and that has helped keep my ‘mojo’ going in the long, cold winter months…